Dealing with configuration files

When creating a new experiment using the init pipeline, you are forced to pass a valid JSON file representing the configuration to be used in that specific experiment. Configuration parameters are immutable, that is, can not be changed.

Configuration parameters must be placed inside JSON objects. The name of this object will represent the category of the configuration parameter. You can create as many configuration categories and parameters as you wish, as long as the identifiers of the categories are not repeated.

In order to create a configuration file, create a .json file containing valid JSON content:

  "data": {
    "dataset": "mnist"
  "training": {
    "batch_size": 32,
    "lr": 1e-4

In this example, we have two configuration categories: data and training. The first category only contains one configuration parameter, while the second contains two. Given an instance of a skeltorch.Configuration object, you could access the parameter lr of the training category as:

lr = configuration.get('training', 'lr')

You may also want to validate the content of your configuration file. To do so, you can create a schema file and pass it using the command argument --config-schema-path of the init pipeline.

Check to get details of how to create a valid schema file.